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Is it possible to view the product?

Yes, the products are in our warehouse in Riga. They can be viewed by contacting us in advance.

Why Phytosauna is made from Siberian cedar?

When the steam heats the cedar, it releases phytoncides, killing harmful bacteria and giving the air its healing properties.

Cedar is an excellent thermal insulator and several times more durable than spruce or pine. Cedar is also found in other countries around the world and other regions of Russia, however, it has been proven that cedar from the Altai region contains the highest concentration of phytoncides.

It is important to buy a Phytosauna made from cedar from the Altai region. Producers in other regions, such as the Moscow region, use cedar, the origin of which is highly questionable.

How do I pay for a purchase?

The payment can be made by bank transfer.

In how small/narrow space a Phytosauna can be placed in?

We offer demountable Phytosaunas, which can be brought even into the narrowest premises. It will be possible to place the Phytosauna if the width of the room is at least 90 cm and the room is longer than 1 m.

Can Phytosaunas be relocated?

Yes, the Phytosauna is demountable and can be moved to another location.

Will it be hot enough in the Phytosauna?

The comfort temperature for each person is individual, but normally it is 40-45 degrees. The temperature can be regulated with the steam generator. The humidity in the Phytosauna is 99%, so the heat is more noticeable if compared to a classic sauna.

Is there an alternative to the phyto-mixtures you offer?

We offer to purchase the herbal mixtures from plants harvested in the pristine Altai region, these plants are pure and filled with strong earth energy. As an alternative, plant mixtures available in Latvia can also be used.

Will the steam not damage the ceiling or walls of the premise?

The amount of steam that enters the premise during the procedure will be minimal, so there is no need to worry about moisture that could damage the walls or ceiling.

Can the Phytosauna be placed on the premises?

Yes, our customers often choose to place the Phytosauna in the living room or bedroom. It can also be placed outdoors, in a bathroom, or any premise, where there is ventilation or it is possible to open a window.

Does the Phytosauna need to be connected to the water supply and sewerage?

It is not necessary to connect to the water supply or sewer. All you need is a standard 200V socket to connect to a steam generator that will consume less electricity than a washing machine.


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